Wednesday, August 17, 2016

PIA, our new word...

Yep, over the W.I.P, the U.F.O. etc, Wendy has coined a new anacronym, PIA for Project/s In Action, she refuses to have a U.F.O, reckons that makes a project sound so unloved, whereas it may just be that it has slid down the slope, been overtaken, by the list of 'most pressing', 'most popular', 'prettiest' etc list, so PIA it is!
So, do you have a long list of P.I.A.'s?

Jane isn't fessing up to a long list of P.I.A.'s but she certainly is fessing up to 'too much stuff in my sewing space'. Eyeing off a rather largish stack of wools of all hues she decided to knit a knee rug, rather a large one, needing circular needles. Being rather pleased with the result she sailed forth and in the space of 7 weeks, created a total of 6 knee rugs, of all sizes, the latest one being the 7" squares she is holding in the pic below.
Jane bought along her 'squares' rug for a little advice on backing, she is off to colder climes in the near future and wanted some extra warmth. Of all the knee rugs she is keeping the squares, the others have zoomed off all over the world.

Val created two more charity quilts,
This one certainly drew its compliment of 'ohh's and 'ahh's
and this lovely all in greens and purples, a strip pieced Q.A.Y.G.

Gwen has finished her 'I Spy' version and bought it along to share, using a variation of Attic Windows with a little twist.

Lastly, if you are in our neck of the woods on Saturday 27th August, pop into our Atrium Open Day, promises to be as much fun as previous years.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A bit of a catch up...

with lovely quilts and lovely new members. New member Gahey was well along on creating this stunning quilt made from silk ties,
hand pieced and quilted
All finished, what a stunner.
A bundle of 'I Spy' fabrics has been given to each group member to design and create their own quilt, it can be given to a family member, given to a charity of your choice or even kept. Gahey found a simple but effective design on the net, changing the design slightly and bought along her flimsey to share.
Courtney has created a second table runner, this one a gift for her Mum.
Next project? Knitted squares to make a knee rug for next winter.
Marcia was putting the fininshing stitches into the binding on a quilt for her great grandson, Jasper.
All family members were invited to bring along a piece of fabric for the quilt, and while at the celebration, to add their signature and well wishes to what would become the backing. Even the littlies got a go, with their own 'signature of the time'.
Marie had a very exciting tale to tell and a beautiful mug to go with the tale. Family members travelling in Edinburgh noticed a rather posh car with a fair sprinkling of police and security standing around, not ones to let a curosity go unanswered, they approached and asked the question, the reply left then a tad stunned, the Queen and Duke had just popped into the jewellers! sure enough, just moments later the Queen and Duke exited of the store, popped into the Car, and ever so sedately, zoomed off!! having walking right past them. Of course a cemmorative Queen's 90th Birthday cup seemed to be just the pressie to go with the tale to take home to Mum, along with extracting the promise, to use the cup daily, not put it into a cupboard for a special day.
Di shared this flimsey with us,
Di also told of how after assembling all the blocks, she found that there were a couple of squares of the same fabrics butting together, solution? well she wasn't about to ignore them, so unpicked and re-inserted different fabrics. Makes for what will be a stunning quilt.
Plan is to have the quilt long arm machine quilted with a design in each of the cream centers. Marion put the last stitches into the binding before sharing this amazing quilt with us,
a pieced backing makes for a reversible quilt.
Karen has just about conquered the croched beanie - there has been lots of experimenting with various wool and cotton threads as well as ply - this cutie is for her little Grandaughter.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Winners, Fun and a Lovely Lunch

So much excitement to see just who had won the challenge this year, some years there are clear winners but this year it was very close and Lyn did a great job of judging the entries.
Thank you Lyn, not only for judging our challenge but also for including the display of our challenge in your Fiber Arts Exhibition which enabled cottage visitors to vote for Viewers Choice.

3rd Prize Judged winner is Marie with her embroidered, beaded mask with ribbons.

Sandy is 2nd Prize winner with her entry of satin, pearls and feathers.

And the number one judged prize winner is......insert drum roll here...
With her inserted angeled block of vibrant fabrics, fringes, beads and even a diamond clasp, well it could be a diamond, right?

Viewers choice winner, for the second year running is Pat, with her felt, feathers and angelina.

The buffet table was full of delicious dishes to choose from, a refreshing punch and desserts to follow.
All in all, a great day was had by everyone.
Thank you to everyone involved, the gals who organised the lovely luncheon, those who set up the room, Lyn for Judging and Penny for the prize vouchers.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Challenges and a Doona Cover...

...yes, really, a quilted Doona Cover.  Yes, it can be done!
Evidence Cheryl with her completed stunner.
Cheryl's D.D. (darling daughter) informed her she didn't want a quilt, but would love a doona cover,
well, challenge accepted and done.

Cheryl used a pre-quilted muslin, like in the pic above, as a liner/base behind the front of the doona cover, and completed the envelope using velcro tabs.
Soon to be winging it's way down to Victoria along with some complementary pillow cases and cushions to make one D.D. a very happy lassie.

25 gals accepted the Lyn Ballinger Challenge this year, an array of concepts produced this great display.  The Challenge winner will be announced at our Luncheon next Wednesday.
Thank You to Penny from Patchwork Angel for the prize vouchers.

The Fabric Arts group has once again welcomed us into their wonderful exhibition to display our challenge.  The Atrium is a glorious jumble of colour.
Lots of fantastic displays as well as goodies for sale.

A challenge involving masks
Wall Art
Wearable Art
Not wearable Art - Coffee?
Yep, this stunning creation features coffee cups, lots of coffee cups!

There was a very special birthday this week, Inge marked her 85th. with a yummy chocolate mud cake. Congratulations Inge.

 Ankie had a geometric challenge to share with us, again, created without a pattern.  Ankie used a selection of her scrap black & white fabrics with oranges, browns and yellows in graduated colours, getting lots of visual movement in her quilt by alternating the geese directions.
A Q.A.Y.G version, Ankie joined her blocks using leftover strips from her scraps, "Got to use it all"
Ankie will be leaving us shortly to return home, she has enjoyed visiting with us as we have enjoyed having her company.

Karen bought a flimsey in to share and get a little 'wadda you think' input about borders.  Teddy stitcheries bordered with some beautiful fabrics but just take a peek at the ric-rac, yep, tiny little embroidered french knots line the ric rac, and those 3-dimensional little flowers? formed with tinsy pieces of merino felt and stitches.
Some of the stitches are formed using just one thread of embroidery floss, how neat is that!
Karen also shared her story and pics of beanies, lots of beanies being knitted for the family and friends, this blue one for one of her grandsons, although he wasn't too fussed on 'the hair' (pom pom) to begin with.  Of course with the State of Origin games she had to very quickly muster up some maroon, in football parlance, blue being for cockroaches and all.

Courtney continues with her second table runner, this pretty one will be gifted.

Getting some machine help from Mary.

Michelle also attends the Thursday night group and sent in a couple of pics and a story.  Thanks Michelle.

Leanne with her beautiful shades of blue patches. Leanne made the quilt for her son in Darwin. The quilt was machine quilted by Latitia another member of the Thursday night group.

Fiona had moved from 'hexies' to 'octagonals', this is way beyond me!

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